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Perception vs Reality
"And perception doesn’t just affect how we treat and respond to others, it affects how we respond to ourselves."

Perception vs Reality

Reality is the state of things as they actually exist. Simpler put: The way things actually are. Perception is the ability to see, hear or realize something through the use of senses, and how something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. You can’t have perception without reality. Perception creates our experience of the world. It allows us to act and interact within our environment. Every person perceives the world differently; their perception is why they approach life and its problems the way they do. Understanding the notion of perception is important as it helps us accept and respect the viewpoints of others, even when their viewpoints are worlds different from our own.

Perception vs Reality

Our Perception of our Reality

Our perceptions are rarely the truth of reality. Because our thoughts and feelings are real to us, we conclude they must be true. Emotions are REAL but don’t reflect our REALITY. How can I say that? Ever read a book or watched a movie where the beloved character dies and you experience that grief? Or the main character loses a loved one and your heart breaks for them? You might have even shed a few tears (or a few buckets), or got angry on their behalf? The writers did a good job then, because they are supposed to make you feel genuine emotions for their characters and their fake tragedies. And while the emotions are REAL, those characters aren’t real. The REALITY is that those characters didn’t die because they never lived. And perception doesn’t just affect how we treat and respond to others, it affects how we respond to ourselves.

Self-Perception vs Reality

What is Self-Perception?

Self-perception (or self-concept), is how we evaluate ourselves and experiences. It is very much influenced by our core being and (in most cases, unhelpful) labels we have attached to ourselves. It determines the face we present to the world: Co-workers, friends, family and acquaintances. And it’s not set in stone. What is the point of evaluation if you aren’t going to learn anything from it, or use the feedback to improve yourself and your skills?

The reality behind self-perception

Our self-perception influences our judgment, mood, behavior and reactions. If we have a positive perception of ourselves, we will have more positive thoughts and beliefs, which can lead to more frequent positive behaviors.

Changing your perception to change your reality

By changing your perception, you will see the world differently. If you see the world differently, your behavior will change. If your behavior changes, others’ perceptions and behavior towards you change. So how do we do it?

1. Take personal responsibility for your past unconscious reactions 

2. Treat others the way you wish to be treated 

3. Self-regulate your emotions and reactions to situations and others 

4. Have a willingness to see things differently 

5. Show compassion towards yourself and others 

6. Remember that everyone is responding to their experiences, not reality 

7. Remember that everyone is doing their best with the resources they have 

8. Respect others’ view on the world, even if you do not agree with it 

The reality is that this blog post is over, and my hope is that you perceived the information as helpful. Till next time, have a zen day!

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